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P&S Surgical Hospital is a joint venture between St. Francis Medical Center and physician specialists. Located in downtown Monroe, Louisiana, our hospital continues to garner national accolades for incredible patient care and technically advanced medical procedures. P&S—named one of the nation’s top 28 physician-owned hospitals—is one of two Louisiana hospitals to receive this honor and the only one in northeast Louisiana. P&S was founded by a group of 19 doctors in a joint venture with St. Francis Medical Center in 1997. Our 22-bed, fully licensed and accredited hospital has built a strong reputation for excellence in medical care.

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Twins making tiny smiles sparkle — (Photo: Submitted) Five-year-old Kredenna Beverly’s tiny hands held M&Ms for two hours until she could share the candy with her identical twin sister Katina. “My kindergarten teacher had given the M&Ms to me for good behavior, but I couldn’t eat… Read more

July 24, 2018

Nurse honors her father through lifetime of caring — Amy Hutton ­­­­­­Beder treasures a vivid childhood memory that embodies both her beloved father, Dr. Daniel Hutton, and her passion for nursing. “My dad often comforted his patients by holding their hands and spending time with them. One day, when… Read more