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Total knee replacement candidates seeking the most advanced technology no longer need to leave Monroe.

P&S Surgical Hospital, located in downtown Monroe, is northeast Louisiana’s first hospital to offer the Mako total knee replacement. Two years ago, P&S implemented Mako’s partial knee and total hip technology.

Earlier this spring, CEO & President Linda S. Holyfield announced the hospital’s newest innovation: the Mako robotic-arm total knee.

“We are passionate about providing the best technological advances to our community. Accuracy is vital in planning and performing both knee and total hip procedures,” she said. “Our Mako robot enables surgeons to personalize total hip, partial knee, and now total knee arthroplasties with incredible precision.”

The surgeon-controlled robotic-arm system ensures accurate alignment and placement of implants. This precise and minimally invasive approach means patients will experience less pain, quicker recovery, and a more natural fitting knee and hip.

Mako is changing the way joint replacement surgeries are performed by providing each patient with a personalized surgical experience based on their specific diagnosis and anatomy. Using a virtual 3D model, the Mako System allows surgeons to create each patient’s surgical plan pre-operatively before entering the operating room. During surgery, the surgeon can validate that plan and make any necessary adjustments while guiding the robotic-arm to execute that plan.

The Mako total knee application is a knee replacement treatment option designed to relieve the pain caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. Through CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, surgeons can use the Mako System to create a personalized surgical plan and identify the implant size, orientation and alignment based on each patient’s unique anatomy.

The Mako System also enables surgeons to virtually modify the surgical plan intra-operatively and assists the surgeon in executing bone resections.

Total knee replacements in the United States are expected to increase 673 percent by 2030, according to the National Center for Biotechnical Information. The robotic-arm total knee replacement technology will fulfill a community need, said Holyfield.

“This technology, which provides precise surgery that is accurate within one millimeter, or the thickness of a dime, will greatly benefit our region.”

These orthopaedic surgeons are certified to operate Mako: Douglas C. Brown, R. Brian Bulloch, Stephen Houseworth, Kristopher C. Sirmon, Clemens Soeller, Timothy D. Spires J.R., and Timothy Spires, Sr.

Mako is the latest innovation in the Total Joint Program at P&S. Hospital leaders built a strong total joint program in 2003, and since that time, the hospital has achieved outstanding clinical outcomes with extremely low complication rates and low infection rates. 

A Healthgrades Five-Star recipient for Total Knee Replacement for several consecutive years, P&S welcomes additional Mako technology to the total joint program.